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Living in Fear with CONVOID-19

March 13, 2020




Hey there!! 

I hope you are having a beautiful Friday, wherever you may be! 

It’s raining here in Temecula, Ca so we are enjoying a cozy day in as we finish up a few edits! 


I had this thought on my heart the past few days and I really felt like it’s important to touch on


Especially with this scare of the CONVOID-19 . 


In my opinion, sure we should all take precautions

(who wasn’t washing their hands before is the big concern?!?) 

But I 100% believe the media is creating

unnecessary fear

in people. This toilet paper epidemic is just ridiculous and now food is starting to become sparse in stores. 

What the heck?!? 


What is actually scaring me, is that people are immediately believing what they hear on the news, without educating themselves first, which is causing a domino effect of a nightmare. 


I think the more we actually learn about this virus and who it’s really affecting, the less fear we would all have. 


I legit saw a post in my local city’s facebook page that some woman rammed her #costco cart onto a mans foot with excruciating photos to show the bloody damage of this craziness. 


Here’s what I have learned... 

First of all, in the past, any “exotic” sounding virus throws people into a panic, like West Nile or Ebola... 

#CONVOID-19 is the same.... it has already existed, but the media is now shining a spot light on it. 


This virus will effect people with

low immune systems

such as seniors, small children, people with underlying conditions that could weaken their immune system and especially people who live in areas with extremely poor air quality, for instance, like China. 


Think about it.... the Asian culture has been wearing face masks for decades due to their air quality.... which also means their respiratory systems are at a higher risk. 


We just seem to forget about our planet... we are literally killing it due to pollution, but that’s a whole other rant. 



What WE can do! 


1. Start taking absorbing acid people! 

It’s the concentrate of Vitamin C that will help protect you! 

2. The CONVOID- 19 symptoms can show signs of a cold but if infected it turns into respiratory conditions such as pneumonia or bronchitis. 

So definitely wash your hands throughout the day, which is not new news.... 

3.Continue to disinfect your typical touch points, like door knobs, counters, refrigerator /oven door handles, toilets etc... 


4.And if your local store has run out of disinfectant.... I have a brilliant idea for you and I’ve got you covered! 

Thieves cleaner from Young Living will disinfect, it smells amazing and protects your home... 

It’s an all natural essential oil cleaner that does all the things. 

I’ll add the link below to purchase because it’s been a life savor in this house hold. 




But back to “Living in Fear”. 

Who really wants to live like that? 

It creates so much chaos! 

( just walk into your local #Costco.) 


I read this scripture today and it’s a perfect reminder... 

“ For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

II Timothy 1:7 


Let’s remember this....

God had GIVEN us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. 


Right now we are allowing the enemy to win, Due to the media. 


So as a community and a country, can we all try to take back our sanity, together. 

Not just in cleanliness!!! We should all start making better choices to improve our health as a whole. 


God gave us one vessel. 

So we should all be caring for this vessel from the inside out, with healthy choices. 

Believe it or not, foods can heal. 

Foods are powerful and the right foods can protect you from disease, like CONVOID-19. 

It takes a lot of will power, 

less convenience

and a lot of learning curves,

but form someone who has struggled with health since she was 17, it has changed my life. 


At one point, Chris and I were considered obese, along with other health issues. For me I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. As Chris struggled with his weight, he also suffered from eczema. I know a lot of people struggle with obesity which can also cause even more health issues such as diabetes, depression and so much more. 

We will definitely share our story soon about our journey, but I will say, we woke up one morning and CHOSE to leave convenience behind. 

The “bad” food choices weren’t worth it anymore. 


Now we rarely get sick, have more energy, sleep better and we just purely love life. 


So let’s take our health back America! 

Let’s choose healthy together so we no longer have to live in fear! 


CHOOSE joy. 


Get Yours Theives cleaner here!


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