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November 25, 2017

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November 25, 2017


Today is by far one of my favorite holidays and I’ll tell you why...

It's not about the presents or the materialistic items around us...

It's about focusing on what we are all truly  thankful  for.

I think it is such a beautiful holiday to sit and reflect with our loved ones around us.



We would love to hear 3 things YOU are thankful for!


With a busy busy wedding season, wonderful sessions in between, client meetings and LOTS of editing,,. Sometimes life can take over and distractions cloud our hearts and minds.

So this past week I have been doing some reflecting of my own and I must say, my heart is so full.


Here are the things I am Thankful for.


- I am thankful that we have and everlasting, Unconditional loving heavenly God. Without him Christopher and I would not be who and where we are today. He is the 3rd cord that continues to hold our marriage strong, Ecclesiastes 4:12. When God sent his Son Jesus to selflessly give his life for US, he made that loving action a daily reminder to have hearts, eyes, mouths and hands like Jesus did. We are FAR from perfect and we still make mistakes daily, but as a Husband and Wife who loves Jesus with all of our hearts we have a dream. Our dream as a Husband and Wife, is to leave a legacy behind that we were kind, we loved hard, we were always there for those who needed some love in their life. We want people to see Jesus through us. Even if they aren't believers, we want them to notice some sort of sparkle in us.


God has also been there for our wonderful Business! My goodness,,,, where to begin! He popped that little seed in our mind that we should take the Leap of Faith and quit our jobs 7 months ago, to live out our dream. Every Single Month He has provided. He has opened doors when finances were tight, he gave us peace when times were stressful. He never gave up on us. so we are VERY thankful for Him.

Something we are absolutely grateful for, is all the the relationships established with clients AND wedding vendors! There is nothing better than spending time with your friends on their wedding day or working an event with beautiful people. Not only does it make us love what we do even more, the event runs wonderfully when you have people that all work together to achieve one common goal. That goal is to make our Bride + Grooms wedding day, a day they will never forget<3 We have been very blessed in that area.


I am thankful for my beautiful, loving, devishly handsome, strong, talented, passionate Husband. He is ALWAYS happy and ALWAYS tries to turn a negative experience or situation in to a positive one. He has such a huge heart for God and CONSTANTLY reminds me that the Lord above has a plan even if we cant see it yet. This man has SO much patience. He's patient with me, teaching others around him , with our dogs and so much more. One cool fact about Christopher, is his passion for the ocean. We have a little piece of the ocean in our home (his saltwater fish tank) and it is amazing what he has done with it. He knows almost every fish and coral like the back of his hand, and if he doesn't know, he sure will find out. This is one thing I adore about my husband, His passion to learn. He will teach himself thee most complicated technique and he will perfect it down to a science. On top of all of that goodness, Your amazing baby, I'm so thankful for you and how you love me. Thank you for choosing me daily. I love you


I am thankful for our Church, The City Church.

Every single person has impacted us in some way. Our pastors, Pastor Jerry + Tammy , and Pastor Gabe + Gaby have been nothing but blessings. They influence our walk with Christ, Our marriage and even how to be a good person. They continue to inspire us to build our character to build that legacy we want to leave behind. Not to mention all the beautiful forever friends we have made. We have found our tribe ;) Thank you City Church for being there for us through all the Good times and the Bad.


The list could go on for days but ill leave with this...


I am thankful for all of our Family (cant forget our pups), Friends + Clients!

Your love has pushed us to continue living our dream. Thank you for constantly reminding us of why we do what we do. Your referrals, reviews and support has been a game changer for us. We love you all SO much, past present and future clients.....

Thank You!



The Wu’s

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